About This Blog

Non Compos Mentis (Latin) is the legal term meaning “not of sound mind”. It is my awesome blog where I talk about everything under the sun, more specifically about technology and perhaps on good days, photography. Say hi to me on the any of the social platforms given in the author profile or drop me an email.

About Me

Software engineer. Photographer.

What I am Doing with My Life

Building software. I am also a serious landscape photographer and my images appear on various sites and publications. Reading books. Watching movies. Working out. I have taken a class on pencil sketches and looking forward to taking another on figure drawing. I once volunteered to teach 5th grade kids basics of computer science in a local school for a day. It was fun. I am always learning something new. Sleep is overrated - have you realized that we spent more than 1/3 of our lives sleeping?